1.7.8 open a desktop folder and spotlight issues

With El Capitan and 1.7.8 if I search for a folder, the finder doesn’t opens that folder but it opens the folder that contains what I searched for. See video below http://d.pr/v/15hZe

Also, when I open a folder from desktop, the finder opens Deskop and not the folder I want to open.
See video below http://d.pr/v/JNnV

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Thank you for the videos. I see the problem and confirm it on my machine.

The problem is probably caused by Folders on Top. For some reason Finder references file which would have been on given position if Folders on Top wouldn’t be applied. Your other report about Quick Look has the same root cause:

I’m aware of this and looking for a solution. I hope this won’t affect some serious file manipulation operation like delete or move. That would be very dangerous.

Thank you for the reply. I don’t see any file manipulation on moving on deleting. When I move some items they are placed on the new folder with the incorrect names but their correct name appears after 1 second. Disabling folders on top solves the issue, thanks for the temporary “fix”

TotalFinder v1.7.9 should address spotlight and “Show in Finder” issues:

I’m not 100% sure if this will catch all cases and will be robust solution for long term. Please let me know if you experience it in some form again.

Thanks for having fixed it so soon! I will try and let you know, even if it’s all working well.