3 features or how to ?s: insert dragged space, drag *only* spaces, faster space rename

I’m noting in these forums (first time here) that there are features in TotalSpaces I haven’t grokked yet, so maybe I’m just missing existing features. Three questions:

  1. I almost never want to swap a space with another when I drag it, I want to insert it between two existing spaces. Arranging my spaces is taking me half-a-dozen swap drags. Is insert possible?

  2. Half the time I pick up a space, I pick up a window instead. I have a 2x9 grid—the windows are impossible to see. I never want to drag them here. Can I restrict drags to only be the entire space?

  3. I rename spaces constantly, every time I close one project and open another set of windows. It’s five clicks to rename a space—faster way to do it? Ideally, a hotkey for “rename this space.”