Ability to handle unique icons per desktop? 07/07/17

Does TotalSPACES accommodate unique desktop icons per virtual desktop?

  • While desktop icons are discouraged, they are kept to a minimum and often temporary, yet still required.
  • Apologize if this topic has been covered and I continue to miss it.

BTW - how can you turn OFF these huge colored post-it notes that keep forcing themselves onto the screen when composing a message here in this forum?

Do you speak about TotalFinder or TotalSpaces? The post was tagged as “TotalSpaces”.

I can speak for TotalFinder only and there is no such feature implemented.

btw. Those colored post-it notes are for first-time users I guess. I believe you can simply close them by “x” button. But I’m not sure, I don’t see them.

TotalSPACES (thank you for the catch).

Looking for each desktop to no only have their own background, but handle their own set of icons.


TotalSpaces does not implement that. I had a look at this app a while ago, it may help:


It works by hiding or unhiding various contents of the Desktop folder if I remember correctly, depending on which “workspace” you select.