Add support for trigger Instant Expose with Mouse


In the latest release we can only trigger Overview Grid with mouse, but when using mouse I always have to trigger Overview Grid and then hit the Space key to trigger Instant Expose.

Is it possible to trigger Instance Expose directly instead of having to trigger Overview Grid and then hit the Space key ?

Thank you !

You can trigger the overview grid with expose using the mouse using hotcorners - but did you wish for a mouse button trigger?

Hello Stephen,

Exactly, so I can save one action and just execute a mouse button trigger for Instant Expose, because this is the feature I use most times.

Thank you !

I very much agree with this feature. I am a graphic/web designer and find myself (with the old version of Mac spaces on my work comp) having one mouse button to activate spaces and then another to toggle showing all windows within the spaces. Usually occurring between the 4th & 5th mouse buttons.

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Any ETA on this ? I guess it is a simple thing to implement and would make my workflow so much better =)

Thanks !

You may try this version:

It will be released on the pre-release channel soon, but you can get it early by installing from the above link.