Address Bar (Bread Crumbs) UI and usability


I am a Pro user of TotalFinder.
I think it would be great to add the following features into address bar:

  • Move it to top (like in Windows 7 - Explorer)
  • Make available select & copy path to current folder, after double click on the address-bar

Could you improve it?

Iurii Gavdan.


I totally agree with Mostix. The ‘Path’ feature of OS X default finder is not of any use, Microsoft did actually do something better with their Windows Explorer.

It would be awesome if TotalFinder can correct this. I guess you can best look at Windows 7’s explorer on how to get it right. So the features become:

  • Path bar normally shows as is default (that’s ok)
  • On click (e.g. behind last item), make it editable (now you need Shift-control-G to do that which is annoying)
  • On click, make it also possible to select and copy.

Hi, thanks for your suggestions. All seem reasonable, but I don’t see it as a big pain-point for most users. So hacking pathbar is not worth the effort IMO.