An Idea for TotalFinder: allow file ordering by JPEG date picture taken

I have searched in vain for the reason why Mac Finder cannot order photo files (jpeg) by “date picture taken”. This facility has been available on Microsoft’s file manager for many years !!

I realise that the EXIF data is not as easily accessible as ‘date created’ and ‘date modified’, but it is clear that the iPhoto application can access and can update the ‘date taken’. iPhoto is a nice tool for viewing family albums, etc, but a real photo archive is surely best handled using a simple set of hierarchical folders.

A Finder ‘extension’ which allows file ordering by ‘date photo taken’ would be a useful addition to TotalFinder. It would be even better if it allowed the ‘date taken’ to be modified when introducing digital versions of old photos, films and slides.

Something for TotalFinder developers to think about?