Annoying column view in mavericks with 1.5.5 in dual mode

After upgrading to Mavericks, column view in 1.5.5 in dual mode is jacked up because the name column keeps expanding to the full width of the dual mode pane.

Is this something I’ve done or some bug somewhere? I have to close the dual mode pane, resize the name column and then go to dual mode again… Then if I switch to another (random) favorites, it will do the same thing. I checked for super long filenames but there are none. It continually happens in my downloads folder where I have it sorted by date ( newest at the top ).


I don’t think this is a TotalFinder bug… there’s a whole slew of others having the same problem as reported here.

Would love if TotalFinder could auto-resize the columns appropriately now :wink:

Same problem here. When I scroll right to the end of the name column it is often not possible to resize that column. I move the whole window instead. It has no effect to double-click the divider at the end of the name column either.

Would be great to have an auto size option or a maximum size option. In px or in %.