Any way to launch Full Finder on startup?


I just re-installed Mac OS 10.8 Mount. Lion and TotalFinder, but noticed I need to ‘run Full Finder’ on startup to get the usual window. Is this a new feature and can I just leave it on for every launch?

Without navigating to Finder [menu bar] > Run Full Finder, I get only 25% of a maximized window in the bottom left corner. It’ll work, but still very strange …

Any post on-topic is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Update: I forgot to mention it’s possible to toggle between ‘simple finder’ and ‘full finder’ …

I’m sorry I don’t understand. I don’t see any menu item with label ‘run Full Finder’ under my Finder menu.

What do you mean by simple Finder and full Finder? Can you provide some screenshots? Thanks.

Thanks for your reply.

Okay, so I did some research and found out that it’s a (new?) Mac OS thing, under parental controls. Source: It allows users to disable most Finder functions, useful for kids, students or guest accounts.

Back to my problem: my parental settings are off, so my Mac shouldn’t launch simple Finder. Obviously, with simple Finder running, TotalFinder cannot function 100%. I now understand that this is more a Mac OS problem… but still, it’s a hassle to launch TotalFinder after running full Finder every time I start my Mac. :frowning:

A screenshot (from the web, as a new user I can’t upload):