API for TotalSpaces2

I’m really missing the Ruby API for TotalSpaces2. Is it on the Roadmap?

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Ditto! Please! The API is why I bought TotalSpaces.

Actually I was testing it only yesterday. It’s still a little buggy here and there, but expect it pretty soon.

Just to follow up, the current pre-release version of TotalSpaces2 supports the API.

Hey Stephen, where can I get that pre-release from?

You can either check the Include pre-releases checkbox in General preferences and then check for updates, or get it directly from here:


How did I miss that checkbox? Thank you!

Oh, and don’t forget to change your scripts to require ‘totalspaces2’

I’m not that good at ruby, so I’m not sure if I’m missing something obvious, but I tried to use the new API and I get this error:

2014-05-13 19:14:14.676 ruby[47882:1a03] Could not create connection to TotalSpaces

Ok, what version of TotalSpaces2 are you running?

And is it a licensed or trial version? (You need the license for the API to work).

Ah! Yes, it is a trial, I’ve played with it a bit and would buy it soon, as I found it fit my needs :slight_smile:

It is ok if it needs a license. I would try to use this API after I’ll buy TotalSpaces then, but it would be nice if this had been mentioned in Readme and/or as an error message when trying the API out, as it could be a critical point for someone to decide if they should buy it.