(Apparent) bug - TotalSpaces 2.0.17 loses a Space between dual-monitor disconnects

TotalSpaces 2.0.17 on a dual-monitor Mavericks installation.

Repeatable bug:

With laptop connected to an external monitor, assign e.g. 6 spaces each to the two monitors. Then:

  • Disconnect the external monitor and call up the Overview Grid. The first space assigned to the internal monitor has been lost. i.e. You see 6+5, not 6+6 spaces.
  • Reconnect the external monitor. The missing space is back, in the right place too.

I note that if, while disconnected from the external monitor, you try to compensate for the missing space by creating a new one, it appears that everything’s OK while in disconnected mode but on reconnect to external monitor, you now have 6+7 spaces.

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This is expected. Well, it’s somewhat unexpected, but what I mean is that is how Mavericks deals with the situation - this is not done by TotalSpaces.

It seems there is one space that is actually associated with the display. And the other spaces are moveable between displays. OSX handles that, TotalSpaces simply displays the extant spaces in the grid.

This is not ideal, but I’m hoping apple will do something about it in another release.

Could TotalSpaces fix it? I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s simple - there is likely a good reason for this behaviour.

I hear you. Let’s hope Apple sorts this, or maybe you’ll have a flash of inspiration. For me, moving to TS2 away from the default Mavericks behaviour was all about taking control and achieving consistent, predictable behaviour with spaces, especially in dual-monitor setups.