Apps keep disappearing

I just got TotalSpaces2 for Mac OS X Mavericks, and it’s great! But I notice that when I add apps to the preferences, they disappear the next time TotalSpaces starts up, which must be a bug. Just thought I’d let the developers know.

This is happening to me as well. A lot of the applications I have added to the preferences section have disappeared. Is that normal behavior?

No, that shouldn’t happen unless the desktops they were associated with were destroyed - if you re-arranged your grid, for instance.

Otherwise, I’m not sure why that could be. OSX keeps track of the desktop-app assignments, so we just hook into that system.

Do you have a good idea which app - desktop assignments are disappearing and when? (Eg pluggingexternal monitors in/out) - I’m just trying to get some clues to diagnose the issue.

I do a lot of connecting and disconnecting of an external monitor and notice that all of my desktops move around a lot and the applications within those spaces. Perhaps that could be the issues.

I’m also pretty clear what applications have been lost. For example, Word, iTunes, Instacast have all dropped off the preferences list.

Updating this thread as I had the same issue happen again. I’m using 2.2.9 and Yosemite.

It hasn’t happened for quite a while, however, had a lot of applications in the preferences section and that list is now missing half of the applications I setup.

Is this still an issue from anyone else’s perspective, or Stephen have you seen it?

I haven’t seen it.

One thing you can look at is the file OSX keeps those app assignments in-

If you happen to have Xcode installed you can just paste
open ~/Library/Preferences/
to a terminal window to have a look at it.

It would be interesting to see if the app assignments have disappeared from the app-bindings section in this file.

I reviewed the plist file you mentioned and half of the applications are in there now. However they do match what is in the preferences section of TotalSpaces.

For some reason they just disappear. Strange.

Stephen, any thoughts or suggestions on what to do next?

One thing comes to mind - See the post here:

I’m wondering if this same issue is causing you to lose your apps in the OSX apps prefs.

Thanks Stephen. I read Scott’s post however I’m not seeing those symptoms. I’ll keep monitoring and let you know what else I can find out.