Auto Column View Size in El Capitan doesn't seem to work

I can’t get any change in column view at all with the latest TF 1.7.10, and El Cap. It flinches, but nothing changes. Any ideas?

?? No ideas?

I’m afraid I will need more details. I have just tested it here on my machine with TotalFinder 1.7.11 and “Automatically adjust widths in Column View” option works for me. Also I don’t hear from other users that this feature should be broken under El Capitan.

Have you tried to restart Finder+TotalFinder via CMD+OPT+ESC?
Have you tried it in different folders?
Have you double-checked that the feature is really enabled, have you tried to disable min and max constraints for folder widths?

The only thing I can think is that the feature was originally toggled on by Xtrafinder and even with xtrafinder removed, it thinks it is still on and TF toggles it off when set to on. Not sure what sequence of on/off etc to fix this correctly to start over. At least that is the only thing I can think of then.

EDIT: I see now it only works in “Column” View. Why is that? I need it to work in List view like Xtrafinder does. Os that not possible with TF?

Yes, it only works in Column View. We have never implemented it for other views.

Any chance the List view?


I just get the same issue right after updating to 1.7.12. Restarting through alt+cmd+esc helped and now it seems to be everything ok.
And btw. is there any chance you can improve your program with Auto-width option working also in Finder choose windows? f.ex. if you want to upload file to some browser and you click on Browse for file, we get finder window where we can choose the particular file but the auto-width option doesn’t work there.

Unfortunately not. Standard Open/Save dialogs are implemented in system libraries and not in Finder itself. They look and feel like Finder UI, but it is a separate system.

Thanks for info, at least I won’t feel disapointed about TotalFinder if it’s beyond your capabilities :wink:

But since Xtrafinder has the finder auto working in list view, at least that could be done right? I’d like to get rid of Xtrafinder entirely since they don’t update much anymore,

Yes, it can be done. It is “just” work to figure it out :slightly_smiling:

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