Automated coloumn width not working stable

First of all. Thanks for implementing this feature after my request. After updating to High Sierra it works less than before. In Sierra is also sometimes just stopped working. I always have to go to settings and uncheck/check the box again. It the most important feature for me. Is there any chance we can make it work again?

I don’t exactly remember what request I implement for you. Can you point me to a forum thread or email conversation? Or maybe describe it in more details?

I do not wana seach for it, but it was this feature I love and really need. And also I do not understand why it is not in the Finder by default from Apple. But like I said, it crashes from time to time and then I have to deactivate and activate it again. Happens like 2 times a day.

Could you please follow this and send me your diagnostics file?