Automatically adjust widths in Column View

I have to admit that automatic width adjustment in column view is the only reason I’ve been using Total Finder. I LOVE it. But I’m sad that this won’t work in El Capitan. Can anyone suggest replacement software for this?

Thanks. I’ve already looked at the post about TF alternatives.
Couldn’t find any product that automatically adjusts widths in Column View…

Do you know about this “hidden” feature of basic Finder?

While in Column Mode View, double-click column resize gripper. This will do one-off adjustment of column width to current view.

Thanks, Darwin. I’ve know about that function for years. I want “automatic” column width all the time, every time, with no input from me.

Fixed in 1.7.8. Shows a visible delay, but good enough. Can’t thank you enough, @darwin!

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TotalFinder won’t let me open the app without disabling the SIP. Oh well…

Do you have any strong reason of keeping debugging restrictions enabled? TF piggybacks on the Finder process so it’s simply impossible to “fix” that aspect.

Auto-sizing of columns should work under El Capitan since v1.7.7: