Background app to automatically run on all spaces

I have just switched from snow leopard to mavericks and I’m in the process of trying to get everything back to “normal”, hence totalspaces2. In snow leopard I had installed bumptop as a desktop manager. Now in mavericks, bumptop automatically starts at login (good) totalspaces2 does too (good) but it is only running in the first space. How can I get it to run all all the spaces?

Thanks in advance.

Simply right-click the Dock-Icon of your app and select "Options > Assign to: “All Desktops” ".
You can also do this with the preferences of Totalspaces2 in the Tab “Apps” and add your app to the list and set it to “All spaces” in the dropdown. Basically the same value in the OS, only two different ways to change it.

So simple! I didn’t see the “All spaces” option on the menu! Many thanks!