Bad display with TF OSX 10.9.5 (june 15)

The current Total Finder version with OS X 10.9.5
change the display of the Totalfinder windows whith different option of the Finder display
The first 3 items (files or folders) are not visible. at least clickable.
Also, always incompatibility with Betterzip and other Quicklook extensions.

By “current TotalFinder version”, do you mean latest release on beta channel v1.6.26?
What do you mean “change the display of TotalFinder windows”? Is it display modes “icon/list/columns/coverflow”?

Can you provide a screenshot of the window with invisible items?
Have you tried to remove Betterzip and Quicklook extensions to test if one of them is not causing this glitch with TotalFinder?

Yes I was talking about V 1.6.26 but the lateral bar is no more visible with v1.6.27 (osx 10.9.5)
I realize that on 10.10.3, no automated new version ! so on my 10.10.3 version I’m always at 1.6.17 without bug !
— -Edit—
a restart later on OSX10.9.5, quitting the finder, restart the finder with a click on its icon, change the menu, and only after got the left colored bar back. and no more bug in the files display.

The bug I experiment about betterzip quicklook and preview only occurs with the 2 apps activated. I think it’s Betterzip the culprits. I said him. with BetterZip 3: no quicklook for zip files and with BetterZip 3.01 no quicklook for rar files. :wink: