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Feature Request - I’d like to be able to bind desktops together, in order to reproduce, on need, the lost feature present in mountain lion and previous, where you could switch the desktops on ALL monitors at once, in a multi-monitor environment. If you have multimonitor, and want to switch at once an all monitor, you could use a shortcut to enable the feature and link desktopS 1 on monitor 1,2,3,4…etc desktopS 2 on monitor 1,2,3,4…etc and so on. Now in my 5 monitor setup, I have to switch 5 times, because I use , for example Logic Pro on desktop 1 arranged on different monitors, Final cut with related windows on desktop 2, arranged on different monitors. And if I switch on monitor 1, I find myself with Logic Pro and Finalcut Pro windows mixed! Sometimes is good to have indipendent desktops on a multi-monitor environment, but sometimes is not. Please give us back the chance to choose between what apple took away and the new indipendent Maverick’s desktop feature.


Is it the case that you do want to use “Displays have separate spaces” mode, but you want some (or all) the displays to move together?

Can you not turn Displays have separate spaces off?

The problem with linking desktops in Displays have separate spaces mode is that each display may have a different spaces grid layout, so that might be confusing.

Hi Stephen,

whole point of using a tool like TotalSpaces (at least for me) is to not have to use Mouse/Trackpad - with dual displays in default mode (with Mavericks individual display space behavior enabled) - only way to trigger space change on the other display is,

  1. remove hand from keyboard
  2. go to mouse move pointer
  3. bring hands back to keyboard
  4. press hotkey.
    I’d really love to see this feature - I’ll even pay for the full price for update without claiming the discount - thanks again for making this app.

Yes, for me it’s important also this way: I have two monitors, and like to see the Mail app in one screen and the Calendar app in the other monitor besides. I’d like also to have the option to “link” both spaces, so in this case Mail and Calendar spaces.

For me the issue is I do one project per “set-of-desktops” So I have 4 monitors… and for one project I want eclipse in one … iterms in another looking at logs … web browsers in a third and the last one I have mail, itunes, adium etc… that is sticky to all “desktops” … the next desktop may have omnigraffle in one screen, libreoffice in another, etc…

Just linking the switching would be a good start … and then finding a cool way to do combinations would be nice. Perhaps having a keystroke per “project type” … so ctrl-numpad1 would be base surfing, ctrl-numpad2 diagramming, etc…

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+1 to branson_matheso

I’m confused by this. Isn’t it already possible? I have my dual-monitor desktops linked in Mavericks, [ System Preferences -> Mission Control -> deselect Displays have separate Spaces ]. My spaces are (1) Music (2) Play (3) Work (4) Other. iTunes etc. are pinned to 1, Mail is pinned to 3, and so on. When I switch spaces, both monitors switch together. So I open all my work apps and windows on left and right in 3, and they stay there when I switch over to 1 to pick a new playlist etc. I have a couple of apps set to appear in all spaces. This system seems to address all the issues listed above.

Or am I missing something?