Bring back Lion Support

Please bring back lion support. Not every one can upgrade to Mtn Lion or Mavericks. Just because Apple releases the OS for free does not mean people can/will upgrade too it. I have personal reasons I can’t upgrade past Lion and I am sure there are others running OSX that can’t as well.

I’m sorry, the problem is that it takes a lot of time to maintain different code paths and test TotalFinder under all different OS versions. Also dropping support for older OS versions will enable me to use more modern features of the OS libraries, which will in turn help with stability and reliability, or just makes my life easier.

You can stick with last supported version 1.5.38:

You won’t get new features, but you can still use it. In case there will be sudden release of Lion OS update which breaks TotalFinder, I’m committed to investigate and fix it on 1.5.38 branch.