BUG : "Move current window" hotkeys only works vertically, not horizontally

I have TotalSpaces v2.1.10 running with my spaces in a 3row x 5column alignment.

I can use Ctrl-Shift-Up or Ctrl-Shift-Down to move a window from one space to a space above or below it. However, Ctrl-Shift-Left & Ctrl-Shift-Right do not move the window to the space on either side of the current space - it just goes to the new space, leaving the window in it’s original space.


I’m wondering if it’s colliding with the Mission Control shortcuts - can you check if those keys are by any chance used there?

Thank you Stephen - you’re right. Those two configurations were set on my box. Once I disabled them, “move current window” works in all directions.

My apologies - I didn’t think to check this first.