Bug : Quitting fullscreen applications can cause problems when switching desktops via hotkeys

Noticed this today - if I quit an application while it is in fullscreen mode, it vanishes from the overview grid, but it does not vanish from the notification graphic. Consequently, if while using hotkeys to switch between desktop spaces, I land on the “space” where the fullscreen app had been, I get stuck - the hotkeys do not work.

An example might explain it better…I had a desktop space, Mail, Calendar, iTunes and Evernote open. All apps were fullscreen, and I had them arranged in a single column, one on top of the other. I used the Ctrl+arrow (up & down) buttons to switch between them. I had Calendar bang in the middle of the column (between Mail & iTunes), and a single desktop space at the top of the column.

If I quit Calendar, I moved immediately to the space at the top of the column.
Ctrl+down arrow -> I moved to the app below (Mail).
Ctrl+down arrow again -> I moved to iTunes which had been below Calendar, but according to the notification graphic, I had moved to “Calendar”.
Ctrl-down again -> no effect. I was stuck.

If I moved to my other monitor (which had a 6x2 grid with no fullscreen apps), ctrl-arrow hotkeys became unpredictable - it’s possible that my keystrokes got buffered from the other monitor.

The problem occurred regardless of whether I had “Show notification graphic on desktop change” ticked or not.

If I were to un-fullscreen the app before quitting, the problem does not happen.

Thanks for this report - TotalSpaces is not correctly noticing the grid changes in this case - it will be fixed in the next release (which is almost ready).

Please update, v2.0.5 should resolve this.

Thanks, Stephen - update works just fine :slight_smile: .