BUG) Selecting / clicking a space in overview mode does nothing

Just about every day I find I cannot click or select a desktop space to go to while in overview mode. Selecting it simply highlights it, but will not travel to the space.

Restarting TotalSpaces fixes the problem temporarily but the issue inevitably resurfaces.

My Setup

  • OS X 10.9.2
  • Macbook Pro Retina
  • 3 External Monitors & hot-swapping to single laptop screen


If you can’t click on a space it would seem that something went wrong with the event handling.

To narrow down the issue:

Can you press esc to leave the grid? (Or the enter key)
Can you use your hotkey or hotcorner to leave the grid? (The same one you used to enter it)
After it happens, does it happen every time you enter the grid?
If you can’t exit the grid at all, does sleeping and waking your machine help?

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I have no issues leaving the grid


Thanks. I have just managed to reproduce similar on my machine. Just to check if it’s the same:

Is it also the case that when this happens you cannot change space by clicking on an app in the Dock, or by using CMD-TAB ?

And do you see similar messages in Console.app ?

26/03/14 16:07:42,531 Safari[57394]: CGSCopyDisplayUUID: Invalid display 0x3bf2bf84
26/03/14 16:07:42,532 Safari[57394]: CGSCopyDisplayUUID: Invalid display 0x0424b6a1

So it seems it’s something to do with unplugging monitors. I will investigate further.

Yes that is precisely the symptoms I’m experiencing as well. Seems like you got the right scenario.

Still having this issue for this as well.

Dang - is this on v2.1.10?

I managed to reproduce a similar issue once as I said, and had a theory about it, but I have not seen it again since.

Hey @stephen

Still having this problem. I’m pretty sure it has to deal with plugging / unplugging in an external monitor.

Only solution is to quit & restart TotalSpaces.

Hi, thanks for letting me know. I didn’t manage to reproduce it since. But I will try with adding/removing external monitors and see if I can reproduce it once more.

Since its hard to reproduce, is there a debug logging command I can run with TotalSpaces I can let run until the problem happens and then send it to you?

I’d have to give you a debugging build for that. By the way, are you using v2.2.9?

Yes i’m using v2.2.9

I’d be more than willing to run a debug build for you to finally help nix this problem.

I’ll PM you my email address