Bug: When switching using multiple monitors shortcuts switch both monitors at the same time


I use a set up with two monitors and have configured:

  • Monitor 1 (external) with 3 desktops in one row, each having a shortcut (ALT-SHFT-1 , ALT-SHFT-2 and ALT-SHFT-3 )
  • Monitor 2 (McBook) with 9 desktops in 3 rows, each having a shortcut (ALT-SHFT-M (mail) , ALT-SHFT-C (Calendar) and ALT-SHFT-T (terminals), ALT-SHFT-N (OneNote), ALT-SHFT-S (Slack) etc.)

When I use ALT-SHFT-C to get the macBook to show the 2nd desktop, the external Monitor will switch to the second desktop as well! I would expect the external monitor not to switch at all.

This only happens for desktops that are defined in both monitors. E.g. when switching to the fourth desktop on the macbook (which is in the second row, with ALT-SHFT-N, in this example), will NOT cause the external monitor to switch.

I now solve this temporarily by defining three empty desktops on the macbook to not get annoyed by this but would be grateful if fixed.