Call visor from Finder icon in dock

I can’t remember the last time that I used the finder outside of the visor mode, yet if I close all of the tabs in my visor and then click on the finder icon in the dock (rather than calling the visor by its shortcut) a new finder window opens in the shape of the visor, but as a stand-alone window. The most frustrating thing about this is that I don’t always realize that these are separate windows until after I’m in the middle of something else and I can’t find the folders that I had open in the visor because they were open in the separate finder window.

Is it possible to set it so that clicking the finder icon in the dock always opens the visor (even if there are no tabs open in the visor) or at least make sure that the stand-alone finder window opens in a seperate shape so that it’s not as easily confused with the visor?

I have a hidden tweak which forces Visor use when new Finder tab is about to be created (for example opening Finder from other apps or from Terminal, and this is also case when clicking Dock Icon and no suitable Finder window exists). Newly since 1.6.2 this tweak will also mean creating Visor window if new Finder is about to be created and Visor browser window does not exist (last tab was closed and whole window went away). In this case Visor browser is created first and new Finder is adopted as its first tab.

defaults write TotalFinderAlwaysUseVisorForNewTabs -bool yes

To disable this behaviour:

defaults write TotalFinderAlwaysUseVisorForNewTabs -bool no

Version 1.6.2 will be released on beta channel this weekend (hopefully):

Are you saying that this tweak won’t work until 1.6.2?

No. This tweak is available. But to satisfy your request it will work since 1.6.2. The old behaviour is: adopt tabs into visor if visor is available. New behaviour will be: adopt tabs into visor, if visor is not available, create it.

I recently got a new computer, and I’m noticing the same behavior that was previously fixed with your Terminal command, but I’ve tried it again and it’s not working. So I’m still getting a new window instead of the visor when I click on the finder in the dock.

I’m running Version 1.6.17 on OS X 10.10.2

Any ideas?