Cannot change wallpaper at any space

I have a problem with TotalSpaces2. My configuration is OS: Maveric + 3x3 spaces.
When I try to change wallpaper at selected desk I cannot do that. I select wallpaper and nothing has happen. Only in Expose I see that wallpaper has changed but at the desk it is still old wallpaper. :frowning:
And one more thing: currently each desk has the same wallpaper.

Where could be the problem?


I donโ€™t immediately know. The desktop wallpaper is not controlled by TotalSpaces2 at all. The only thing we do is to read the wallpaper in order to draw the Overview Grid correctly.

But of course it could still be some obscure bug with TotalSpaces2. Have you tried changing your wallpaper after quitting TotalSpaces2 (so when itโ€™s not running)? (You can easily restart TS2 afterwards.)