Cannot get Total Finder to accept Registration

Hi there,

I can’t get Total Finder to accept my registration code.

How do I resolve this?

Please restart via CMD+OPT+ESC, launch and try again. It should work the second time.

I found this is a problem of 1.6.16 release. Finder restart resolves it, but I have to release a new version with proper fix.

I did a hot-fix release 1.6.17 to resolve the issue:

Bumped into the same bug. And purchased another license. Can I get a refund by the way? :slight_smile: I don’t mind to pay twice for a good product, but in this case I thought my previous license was for previous version and new one does not like it.

@Aleksandr_Avseyev, I have just issued the refund. You should receive some automated emails about it. btw. thanks for your kind words :smile: