Cannot install TotalSpaces in fresh installation of High Sierra 10.13.1

I finally got around to trying High Sierra and 10.13.1 is the latest. I tried to installed TotalSpaces and forgot about SIP.
There were no failed messages but the normal installed message did not appear either.
I rebooted into recovery mode and disabled SIP.
Booted back into 10.13.1 and ran install again but the installed message never appeared.
I have TotalSpaces working on 10.11.6 with no issues.
Any suggestions?

I don’t immediately know what the status is from your description. One thing you can do is to run the uninstaller from the dmg you downloaded and then drag TotalSpace2 into your applications and run it. That should start afresh.

If that doesn’t work, then please email me diagnostics and I’ll try to help, see instructions here: