Cannot Move Google Chrome in Overview Grid

I’m not sure when this started but I think it was soon after the last TotalSpaces update not long ago, I cannot move Google Chrome from Desktop->Desktop in the overview grid. I DO NOT have it assigned to any specific desktop. When you try to move it, it drops you to a different desktop (not sure how this desktop gets picked yet but it’s usually Desktop 1) and TotalSpaces is unresponsive for abut 10 seconds. The Only option I have found is to completely close Chrome and open it in the other desktop.

OSX Version: 10.11.6
Chrome Version: Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit)
TotalSpaces 2 Version: 2.6.15

Very Odd. There “could” be other applications that cause this as well, but so far, I have noticed Chrome only from the apps I use.

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I have the same issue; when I go to the grid view I can’t move Chrome to another desktop. If I try to drag my Chrome window into another desktop from the grid view this is what happens :

  1. the chrome window stays in place in the same desktop
  2. the view switches back from the grid view to the desktop where I have my chrome window
  3. the dock disappears
  4. the dock reappears 1 second later

If I drag Chrome to another desktop without using the grid view (i.e. by taking the chrome window, drag it to the desktop’s edge until the desktop switches to the next desktop and then release the window) then it works fine.

@Guillaume_1 This looks like a crash. I wonder if you would be so kind as to follow the instructions here so I can get some diagnostics?

I sent diagnostic file on mine just in case it is same issue.

Please try this version:

It should fix the issue.

Just to give you some feedback: had the same issue, came here for solution, installed 2.6.18, seems to work ok now (oldschool 10.9 Maverics user here) :slight_smile: