Can't map TotalTerminal to Cmd-Space under OSX 10.9.4

I’ve been using TotalTerminal for years now (thank you for making it!) under Lion with it mapped to Cmd-Space (I disabled the Spotlight launch key), so it’s a very strong habit for me. Had to upgrade to Mavericks (not by choice; it’s for work) and TT 1.5.3, but the current TT is reporting that Cmd-Space “cannot be used” because it’s taken by a system-wide hotkey. This is after going into Spotlight Preferences and remapping and disabling the Spotlight menu keyboard shortcut. Please help! I’ll take a .plist file hack, or anything! I’m completely lost without TotalTerminal!

I am now having the same problem with cmd+shift+/. Normally this is the Help shortcut, but I have disabled it. I now am told by TT that the key combination is already in use.

As a work-around, I have a Quicksilver trigger set up to open Terminal when I hit command+shift+/. I still have to hit escape to close out TT afterward, so it’s not a good fix.

I have also tried bringing over the preferences file for Terminal on my other account (where the shortcut works), but TT just replaces the shortcut in the preferences file whenever it is launched.

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