Catalina - Dual-Tabs disappear when opening trash

Hi, I face different issues since I installed Catalina :

  1. I use dual-tabs. After opening the trashcan, and closing its window, one tab of the dual-tabs disappear, and the one that is left is empty (blank)
  2. Before moving to Catalina, when I opened a new folder, it didn’t open in a third tab (in the dual-tab window). Since I’m on Catalina, any folder I open, opens in their tab. I would like that it opens in a normal window as before.
  3. When I select both a folder and a file of that folder and want to give a colour to both, I get an error. I have to select separately and assign a colour. Once it’s done I can select both together and change their colour at the same time.
    Is there any update coming ?

Hi, I tried to reproduce your issues but I’m not seeing them with TotalFinder 1.12.3

  1. How are you opening and closing the trashcan? When I open the trash via Dock Icon, it opens as a new TotalFinder tab in last TotalFinder window. Then I’m able to make it dual with some other tab. When I close dual tab either trash or normal Finder view, it works as expected. Nothing is blank.

  2. Again. I’m not able to follow your steps. What exactly do you do when you “open a new folder”? Do you double-click it, enter it with a keyboard, open it somehow via Dock or externally? In my case all new externally opened folders appear as new TotalFinder tabs in last used TotalFinder window. This behaviour is affected by Finder -> Preferences -> General -> Open folders in tabs instead of new windows I have that option checked.

  3. How do you apply colour tag? Via a context menu? What kind of error do you get? What view mode do you use ListView/ColumnView/etc.? I just tested it briefly here and it works as expected. Maybe the tags don’t get refreshed in your case? What happens when you leave the folder and return back so that Finder redraws all content? Does it help?

    ProductName: Mac OS X
    ProductVersion: 10.15.3
    BuildVersion: 19D49f

Also in step 3. please confirm that plain Finder without TotalFinder works for you as expected. It might be a Finder bug - which is quite likely because TotalFinder does not interfere with file selection and color tag application (it only changes how items are rendered graphically).

Thank you for your answers.

I have 2 screens. On both screens is an open window with in different dual-tabs. Files presentation mode is “list-view”.

When I open a new window, I double-click it.

I open the trashcan by clicking on it’s icon in the dock. Same as you do. The trashcan window goes open in the last used already open window where I now have 3 tabs. But I would like that my existing dual-tab windows stay like they are, and that the trash, or any other folder I open, opens in a new window instead of becoming a third or fourth tab. Like I had it in TotalFinder 1.12.2

When I start / restart the computer. Once I’m logged in, the names of the files and folders that are on the desktop (and have a TotalFinder colour tag) are in white colour. Once I select them all, then un-select them, the text colour becomes black, and only the texts of files and folder without colour tag stay white.

When closing the trash-can tag (which became a third tag, the window becomes white (without the files/folders listing)

I wonder if you have something else installed on your machine which interferes with TotalFinder.

Please consider sending me your TotalFinder diagnostics to, I would take a look:

What you are describing as TotalFinder 1.12.2 behavious was never case (without aplying some hiddne plist tweaks to TotalFinder). Didn’t you use some hidden settings, then installed Catalina from scratch and now using TotalFinder without old settings?

A pro tip: you can hold SHIFT key during clicking the Dock icon to open Trash and it will open as a single tab in brand new TotalFinder window. This works with any other folder being opened.