Changing keyboard layouts changes hotkey value

I have custom hotkeys for changing spaces left/right in TotalSpaces: seen here:

I then set my OS X keyboard layout to a custom layout which, among other things, moves the letter ‘K’ to where comma is on a qwerty keyboard. Now, when a check my TotalSpaces hotkeys, I see this:

It has changed the hotkey command from Ctrl- to Ctrl-K. This means that the hotkey is in the same position as it was before, but it clobbers the Ctrl-K shortcut I had for another application. I would expect when I changed keyboard layouts, that the hotkey would keep the same value like other application’s keyboard shortcuts do.

Thanks for the clear explanation - yes, we store the keycodes which relate to a particular place on the keyboard.

I’ve asked the shortcut recorder library author an opinion if it could be fixed: