Cmd-Q quits TotalSpaces2 but not shown as a shortcut

Request to either disable this shortcut to avoid accidental quitting of TS2, or to make the shortcut a user Preference (e.g. ⌧ Disable ⌘-Q for Quit.

Yes, it does quit, but only if it’s the active app - and I think that would only be when you are in the about or preferences panels.

Is it much of a problem for you?

Nothing life-threatening. I do tend to dispatch utility windows with a cmd-q as they tend not to be used often, and then find TS2 doesn’t work :slight_smile: Also some apps, such as Skitch, can be quit while leaving the menu bar item active and invokable, so that reinforces the cmd-q habit. And finally, it’s just good ol’ Mac UI tidiness: show your shortcuts, or don’t have ‘em.

For sure I agree it’s wrong, indeed we will fix it. In fact it was an unintended side effect when we made sure that we supported cmd-W to close windows.