Cmd-Tab and TotalSpaces2

In the past, when I Cmd-Tab to switch applications, the space/desktop with the selected application would be switched to.

I have read the issue here: TotalSpace2 Cmd+Tab issue and made the change to Mission Control settings, even rebooted afterwards. The same is continuing to happen. When I use Cmd+Tab to change apps, the spaces and their windows for the app don’t come up.

Has anyone else had this issue recently and/or can document the exact configuration options which I need to explore in order to find the magic combination for my system which will bring it back to a working state.

This is seriously messing up my workflows :frowning:

When did this behavior start happening for you?

I’m not quite sure. Perhaps a week or week and a half. I have recently begun running (again) a program called hotkey EVE. I have not done extensive testing, but it looks like when I quit this utility that the way that spaces change based on Cmd+Tab works as expected.

I will post here again if I find that A) The problem persists or B) I investigate and can give you better information about what exactly happens, including settings, and the like.