Column Width in List View?

I have a very weird and annoying bug: I mainly work in List View, and in 90% of the situations when I open a new Finder window or tab the “name” ‘column’ (in LIST view!) is wider then the window.
Could we have a setting for automatic widths like the one in column view, too?

For the “normal” Finder there is a workaround, but it seems not to work for TotalFinder:

I am running the latest 10.9.2, Total Finder 1.5.31.


The name column width bug annoyed so much that I search the Internet for help and found an AppleScript from Dr. Drang that worked on the current window. Since it only worked for 1 tab at a time, I modified it to do both tabs open with TotalFinder. It’s kind of crude and sometimes doesn’t change Finder window 1 but does change Finder window 2. I haven’t figured out the bug because I don’t understand AppleScript enough to debug it but it usually works fine. I’ve saved it as an application in my application folder and put it on the Finder sidebar for convenience.

-- Reset the width of the Finder's Name column to something sensible. 
-- Edited for a TotalFinder window with 2 tabs open
tell application "Finder"
	set thisFolder to target of front Finder window
	set the current view of front Finder window to list view
	-- In previous versions of OS X, the next line would tell the Finder to set the width
	-- to exactly 300. In Mavericks, the Finder uses it as a *minimum* width.
	set width of column id name column of list view options of Finder window 1 to 350
        -- Extra line to change window 2
	set width of column id name column of list view options of Finder window 2 to 350
	-- The following kludge is necessary to get the changes to "take". I got it from 
	-- Dr. Drang at
	close front Finder window
	open thisFolder
end tell
-- Restart TotalFinder
tell application "System Events"
	tell application "Finder" to activate
	keystroke "u" using {command down}
end tell

thx, I will try this. a “real” solution through TotalFinder like the option for automatic width in Column View would be superior, though :smile:

awesome, thanks - worked for me. I removed the line for finder window 2, since it did not work when only 1 window available, though.
Really hope for a real “fix” through TotalFinder at some point in time…

Is there any hope that a ‘real’ fix will find it’s way into the RC of TotalFinder 1.6?

No. I’m sorry.

Please find a 100% reproducible case and I could try to investigate it and diagnose what went wrong. Right now I’m unable to help, because I don’t have this issue on my test machine.

I have the same issue. Every time I resize and update View Options, tick Use as defaults, the Name column goes back to a narrow size. What do you need from me to quash this bug?

I have the same issue where when I open TotalFinder in list view (which is what I default to, as it is what I use 90%+ of the time), the name column is very narrow. I can widen it without issue; however, when I close the finder window (i.e. when I don’t just minimize it), the next time I open TotalFinder, the name column has gone back to being very narrow.

Is there a way to make the name column wider by default (i.e. it stays whatever width it was the last time you closed it)?

If not, that would be an extremely welcomed change/update, as it is quite annoying to have to resize the name field in list view every single time we open TF.

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+1 for NativeTxn says. Is this really just happening to like 3 us in list view?

Another +1.

Keeping column width should be a standard feature.

TotalFinder developers, paying any attention to these forums?

Is this something to do with Bartender? Are we all Bartender users?