Column Widths in List View Don't Save

I have TotalFinder v1.6.9 installed on my iMac using Yosemite beta 2. In List View, I will change the column width for the Name column but when I come back later, it has returned to what I assume is the default width which is too narrow for my tastes. You can set the minimum column width for Column View but not List View. Am I missing how to set default List View column widths? If this is an Apple Finder thing, can you add a feature to TotalFinder to set the minimum width of the Name column in List View? I also have submitted feedback to Apple since this may be a Yosemite thing. Thanks, Jim


Bug Report.

In List View — Columns are very tight together and changing them doesn’t reflect in new windows nor does setting a new default size.

Disabling TotalFfinder corrects the issue.

If you haven’t updated, TotalFinder is now up to v1.6.13. Perhaps that version would wok for you.

Latest update (including beta) doesn’t fix this issue.

Yeah. This issue bothers me so much too. Every new folder is opening like this. I have to change the size of each folder.

Do any of you use Alfred or some other launch to jump to or open a folder?
I have listed a step by step process of the issue for me that is, I think, similar to what is posted here.

I’m having this issue, too. Running TF 1.6.16 on OS X 10.10. First I thought this has something to do with asepsis, but the problem remains even after I uninstalled it. I like to use Finder solely in list view mode. Neither does TF’s column width min/max setting have any permanent effect (opening the same folder in another tab opens it with narrow columns again) nor does the “Save as default”-button in the folder settings do what it should.

FYI: I just cleaned my HDD from all .DS_Store files before trying out column width settings.


Has anybody found a fix for column widths not keeping their sizes on List View?

Every time I restart my session or my Mac, bam, all columns back to their “default” size!

Not yet :frowning: This problem is really annoying… hope it will be fixed soon.

I use List view almost exclusively. Every time I open a Finder window I can’t read most file names because the Name column starts so narrow. So every time I have to click and drag to make it wider. Other columns appear to remember their widths (or maybe I’ve just left them at their defaults).

I have uninstalled TotalFinder (temporarily, I hope) because TotalFinder’s numerous benefits don’t overcome this serious shortcoming. I’m adding to this thread to keep it in the developer’s mind so that the issue might be attended to.

(TotalFinder 1.6.17. OS X 10.10.2)

I know I said above that I uninstalled TotalFinder “because [its] numerous benefits don’t overcome this serious shortcoming.” Well, I found after a while that I couldn’t live without TotalFinder’s wonderful improvements to the Finder. But to illustrate the seriousness of this column width issue, here’s a picture of what my Finder window looks like, when I’m down a couple levels in the folder hierarchy, every time I open a new Finder window.

You can see that it’s useless, file names completely obscured, and every single time I’ve gotta go up and click and drag to make that Name column much wider.

What with all those [resolved] topics that recently appeared, I feel left out and ignored. Without TF, OS X remembers list-view column widths. With TF, columns always start with their default widths. Can’t this be fixed? At least can we get a response from the developer?