Columns bump sidewise when navigating column view

I’ve been having this weird behaviour in column view for quite some time. The situation is that as I navigate up and down, all the columns move a few pixels left and right. It only happens when the focus moves from/to a folder. I also notice some small delay before it happens, so moving around in column view feels bumpy and slightly slower compared to doing so in vanilla Finder.

I’ve recorded a small screen capture to depict it better:

Some more feedback:

  • Happens as well after I did a clean OS install.
  • Happens when navigating with keys and selecting with mouse.
  • Happens both with column autowidth enabled and disabled.
  • And, obviously, it doesn’t happen if TotalFinder is not running.

Seems a bug to me, and one that spoils the experience of navigating columns quite a bit as it happens all the time.


This is really getting on my nerves I have to say.

Some more info :
It only happens when the rightmost/preview column is empty. Its size is reduced by 1 pixel each time.

Fixed in 1.6.19


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