Compatibility with Path Finder?

Don’t know if this constitutes a bug, but i’m using Path Finder as a Finder replacement. Would be great if TotalSpaces recognised Path Finder as the Finder replacement particularly for this behavior:

Moving from a space that has Chrome pinned to it, fto a space that has no apps open normally the menu bar would change to “Finder”

but if you have Path Finder set to disable the Finder, TotalSpaces doesn’t recognize Path Finder as a replacement, so this behavior results in Chrome staying in the menubar until it reaches a Space where there is a different application open.

I tried making Path Finder available to all spaces (like I do with Alfred) but this does not fix the problem.

Any thoughts?

The reason that the Finder becomes the active app is that there is a window that covers the desktop that belongs to Finder, that would normally contain the desktop icons.

I don’t use PathFinder, but I’m guessing you can set things so that Finder is not running, and therefore the normal desktop window does not exist?

I’m sorry, I don’t know of any way to make the system activate another app than Finder - the Finder desktop window is specifically looked for in the dock (when using mission control) and also in our code.