Concept of different types of spaces?

H there! I love the idea of total spaces, but what I’m curious about is the concept of ‘purpose-built’ spaces…
open a new development space, and it opens one with a chrome window, an iterm window, a sublime window.

open a new mail window and it opens a new instance of mailplane, or a chrome/safari window opened to $url ( or or…)

open a new surfing space and it opens up $browser in fullscreen in a new space.

is this something that’s possible? I’ll absolutely put my money where my mouth is if it is. this feature would help me immensely.

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I agree. I would love to see this functionality and would be happy to pay for it. Thanks!

It’s an interesting idea, but one that probably falls outside the realm of TotalSpaces. (I get lots of ideas, can’t do them all.)

I am in the process of finishing the API for TotalSpaces2, and it’s something that would be feasible with that. A small set of scripts or an app could manage the opening of new spaces.

I use the combination of Alfred and total spaces for this BUT I can only have one of each space.
I lock apps to spaces in ts and have created work flows in alfred that launches the group of apps that I want. So, ‘dev’ will launch intellij, smart svn & yourkit while ‘sup(port)’ will launch 4 terminals in one space and use moom to arrange them and so on.


Hi there!

Is the totalspaces 2 api available yet? I’d love to look and see if I’d be able to write some scripts around this to create the functionality I’d like. I’ve found a grotesque, hacky way to do it, involving simulating a mouse to generate a new space(!!!) I’d… obviously, rather not go that route; so I’d love to see if I can stand on your shoulders to make moar awesome. :smile:

Yes, you can read about the API here:

Hi Stephen,

Thanks. I just purchased 2 licenses. I’ll see what I can do with the API. If I come up with a solution I’m happy with I’ll let you know.