Continuous Totalfinder crashing - Google Drive 1.2

today have a continuos crash with total finder and for me it’s impossible work with my mac with Maveriks! I have try delete total finder but the window of crash continuos open every 2 minute!

librery/diagnostic/error log:

Hi Support,
The same for me. This morning TotalFinder is completely unusable.
I’m using the latest version of TotalFinder on Mavericks.


I had the same issue - the problem isn’t with TotalFinder - it was Finder that crashed repeatedly taking TF down with it.

After some digging it seems the culprit was Google Drive. I quit the app and Finder stopped crashing.

Hope this helps

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Hi Bluemoonin65,
You are right. I closed Google Drive and now Finder + TotalFinder run smoothly.
Now we need to investigate on wtf google made for creating this kind of issue.


Just to chime in with a “Me too.” Had the same problem with Finder/Totalfinder crashing, and quitting Google Drive seems to have solved it. I do like my Google Drive, though, so if anyone out there comes across a fix or workaround for this issue please jump in here.

Thanks bluemoonin65 i have closed Google drive and now function correctly!! I hope that this issue can be resolved prettily because i need google drive!

I am sooo glad I found this thread, I’ve had exactly the same problem as everyone else here, and, as per the recommendations, quit Google Drive and it’s all good :slight_smile: I wander what Google did?!

Same here. Since todays update of Google Drive, Total Finder keeps crashing constantly. The only fix for me was to quite Google Drive for now.

Same problem here. But I think it’s Google Drive’s problem, since Finder also crashes even when TotalFinder is not running.

Thank you for discovering that this issue is Google Drive related.

But this highlighted one other issue. TotalFinder should never start crashing continuously. It should try to inject only fist time and then stop.

I’m going to install Google Drive to test this scenario on my machines. Can anyone post his machine system version and Google Drive + TotalFinder versions. Thanks.

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I have try this solution and for the moment everything its ok!

I would like to diagnose the problem, but my google drive is still 1.12.5329.1887. And I was unable to find some beta link or something.

As I wrote before: in theory TotalFinder injector should not cause continuous crashes, there is explicit prevention of this scenario. But obviously something went wrong.

Could you please run this test for me?

In execute this:

touch ~/.debug-totalfinder-injection

Then please enable google drive and reproduce continuous crashing. You should see verbose logging in and a separate log in ~/.debug-totalfinder-injection.log. I would love to see those outputs. Maybe it will help me fix the issue blindly without getting new Google Drive update.

Wanted to add my findings here…

This seems to be a problem with the Google Drive app and not TotalFinder. The Finder crash loop occurs even when TotalFinder has not been started at login. When Google Drive is running, Finder crashes like clockwork every 60 seconds. So at the first crash of Finder TF dies and then doesn’t come back - as can be expected.

One Google search lead me to this thread:

Basically, you have to disable one Google Drive preference and it’ll all go away:

  1. Simply click the Google Drive icon in the menu bar.
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Uncheck “Show file sync status icons and right click menu” under the “Misc” section.

And that’s it…