Couple Visor Issues

I’ve been having a few issues with the visor. For reference, I have the visor assigned to a keyboard shortcut (Cmd-Cmd) and have the folders on top option enabled. I have animation turned off as well. I have two issues:

  • Slow/unreliable to invoke - Sometimes, it can take the visor one, two, or as many as 10-15 seconds to invoke. On the longer durations, I’ve usually tried a few times and when it does finally show up it bounces off and on several times. This has persisted through several upgrade patches.

  • Clicking the finder icon in the dock does not invoke - On one of my machines, if I click the finder icon, the visor will appear. But on another one, it will only appear if I use the keyboard shortcut. AFAIK, I have the shortcuts and preferences set identically on the two machines. The problem machine has server OS installed, if that makes any difference.

I’ve been a user and proponent of the app for a few years, but the unreliability I have been experiencing has me wavering…

Resolved the second issue: it seems the visor will not auto-enage from the dock icon if there is another finder window open.