Crash when deleting files on network drive

My Total Finder crashes/freezes constantly when I delete files on a smb:// connected network drive. This is really making it hard to use the software at all and needs to be fixed.
Total Finder V 1.6, OSX 10.9.2.

Do you use Folders on Top? I can imagine this feature could cause some problems on network drives.

Please try to disable it for a while.

I do use folders on top, this is essential to me. I disabled it and restarted Finder. Deleting fom network drive works. Then I started Total Finder with folders on top switched off. Again crashing when dragging the file from network drive to the trash bin.

Could you provide one of those crash reports? -> User Diagnostics Reports

The error message is

28.05.14 09:38:54,826 Finder[1197]: *** remoteObjectProxyWithErrorHandler failed: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=4097 “Die Kommunikation mit einem Hilfsprogramm ist fehlgeschlagen.”; {

In English: “communication with utility failed”