Create App -> Space rule for Java app started from script?

I have an Java app that I start from a script that I would like to assign to a desktop in TotalSpaces 2. The app is bundled in a .app folder structure, but I have to start it via a script because the bundled Java-loader does not work with newer Java versions.

Can I create a rule for apps that run like this?

If the app has a bundle id, then I don’t see why not.

What happens when you try to app the app in Apps preferences?

Thanks, but that didn’t work for starting the app via my script (I’m not running the executable inside the app-bundle, I’m using Java to run a run-method in a class in a .jar inside the app bundle, so the app is therefore shown as a generic Java app without a name (its just Java in the dock) or bundle id recognized by the system I’m guessing…

However, I did some tweaking and edited the bundle’s Info.plist so that I could run a script of my own inside the bundle which made the app work like an ordinary app again.

… so the problem is solved :wink:

Ok, good, thanks for letting me know, that’s good info in case someone else has a similar problem.