Create or delete folder in arranged by date added in list view


First of all: I’m translating from Polish, so sorry if names won’t match (ie: folders - is it called that way in English OS X?), and sorry for my poor English.

I have my Downloads folder arranged by date added and in list view. Every time I create a new folder (and I do it with keyboard shortcut) in Downloads, it goes out of focus and to name that folder, I have to click on it to rename it, while in other folders I can just start typing new name. As far as I knwo, this happens only when three conditions are met:

  1. arrange by date added;
  2. list view;
  3. plenty of files in folder;

ad. 3) when I tried to recreate this in temporary folder, I couldn’t make it with only first two conditions. But when I started to add few files, something started to glitch (below:

- see third from bottom). Then I’ve thrown there about 170 small files and it behaved just like my Downloads folder.

When I delete files or folders in other conditions (like arranged by name), focus (folder or file selected) jumps on next file or folder, but when two former conditions (1 and 2) are met, it just goes out of focus, so pressing up or down key, focuses on last or first (accordingly) file or folder.

I’m using TF 1.6, no visor, folders are being shown first, tiny tabs strip is on. MBPr, i7 2,7 GHz, 16 GB, OS X 10.9.3, 75 GB free space, so system as a whole is very responsive.

Regards and thank you for one of my beloved apps in OS X,
Norman A. J.