Customize Toolbar

Regardless of size/position of main window, the “Customize Toolbar” window is in the way of the toolbar. Dragging icons into centre is impossible. It needs to default to UNDER the toolbar to allow easy additions of icons.


Just an observation, I think the position of the Customize Toolbar popup is defined by Apple, it’s not controlled by TotalFinder. Apple’s code is assuming a ‘normal’ Finder window without TotalFinder, where the Toolbar is at the very top of the Finder window (which is now occupied by TotalFinder tabs). Apple hard coded the amount of pixels taken up by the Toolbar (without TotalFinder installed) and opens the Customize Toolbar dialog just below it. In Mavericks, Apple apparently did not hard code the pixel height of the Toolbar. Hopefully Darwin can figure out a way to modify that Apple code, or perhaps TotalFinder can control the position of the dialog popup. In the meantime, I have found the only workaround is to remove/disable TotalFinder, customize the toolbar, then restart TotalFinder. Of course, this doesn’t help if you want to modify on the fly or often.

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I will be able to fix it. Just need to reliably detect TotalFinder cases and modify Apple’s constants.