Desktop numbering overflow (?) in TotalSpaces2

Two monitor setup. Occurred after removing and re-connecting additional monitor. Have never seen this issue before…

While in this state I observed the following misbehaviours:

  • Could not change workspace on one of my monitors at all.
  • When I opened preferences, the number of desktops was incorrect (one one of the monitors), this always happens. When I clicked ‘remove desktops’ to remove the extras, the incorrect number of desktops were removed. eg. I had 2 rows and 2 columns as my setting, although there were 7 in actuality. When I clicked remove desktops my settings changed to 2 columns 1 row and the total number of actual desktops was reduced to 2.
  • After doing the above I tried to change desktop and the desktop changed about 20 times, bouncing around for a couple of seconds.

No more issues after stepping through the above. Desktops are now enumerated correctly.

Wow, that’s an awfully big number! Certainly looks like an unsigned integer problem.

I don’t immediately know which bit of code caused this, it could be in a number of places. Please let me know if it happens again, I’d love to figure out what happened.