Desktop position&state (very) occasionally not valid

Every few weeks or so, I find my screen very slightly shifted, and the system not fully responsive. A Desktop transition invoked from Mission Control fixes it, but without that I’d have to log out/reboot to regain control.
I have a very strong suspicion that sleep is implicated: this has never occurred from normal use.

Not at all sure this is a TS2 thing, but it seems worth asking you about…

A grab-bag of background details:

  • MBP, my current and last ones. TS always kept up-to-date.
  • 10.10, 10.9, maybe earlier. I may be able to find more detailed notes from when the problem first appeared, but I’m pretty sure it coincided with when Apple considerably redid their Screen/Desktop/Mission Control stuff: thus I wasn’t willing to kvetch before pinning things down a bit.
  • I use the Slide transition, at maximum speed. With a 3r * 4c grid.
  • I only ever use TS2 to control desktops; all MC desktop shortcuts are disabled.

What appears:

  • The screen content is always shifted left by about half the width of space to the left of the Apple in the menubar. The unfilled space on the right is black. Not sure if it is always exactly the same amount.
  • The active application on the active desktop is semi-functional, depending on the app. But there are oddities (e.g. you can type in Terminal windows, but cannot focus/raise with the mouse).
  • Mouse clicks on the menubar have no effect. The Dock (hidden on the right for me) does not slide out. Actually, the mouse is pretty much (or entirely) useless.
  • All TotalSpace hotkeys cause beeps.

Recovery for me is to get System Preferences up (^F2 to focus on menubar, open Sys Prefs, Quit-and-restart prefs if already open on another display, enable/remember one of the Mission Control Desktop shortcuts (using the keyboard only!), run that, continue with life).

I have not seen anything totally obvious in the system logs, but haven’t put any time into investigating since I figured the recovery scheme out. Sorry.

Does any of this ring a bell?

  • craig

Thanks for reporting this.

I have just changed my setup to slide at maximum speed. I’ll see if I can replicate the issue.

It certainly sounds like the transition did not complete for some reason - in this case I would expect the keyboard/mouse event behaviour you are seeing.

If I can reproduce it then I can fix it, so leave it with me for a while. Also if you do notice any way to trigger this issue, please do let me know.

Thanks. Yes, if I saw this during normal human operations I’d definitely report it as incomplete transitions and would more strongly suspect TS2.

A couple of questions:

  • is there a way to raise TS2’s logging level or force some internal state dump? I can always ssh in, etc.
  • does TS2 actively do anything on “wake”?

Next time this happens I’ll also see if the sysdiagnose key-blam works.

. craig

There isn’t any more logging options in TotalSpaces2, or rather the Dock plugin component.

Getting a sample (From Activity Monitor) from when it’s in this state might be pretty helpful if that turns out to be possible. (You can use ssh also: sample Dock -file /dev/stdout ) Thanks!

Yes, TS2 does a couple of things on wake - it resets the trackpad monitoring (in case you added or removed an external trackpad while it was sleeping), and it exits the overview grid if it’s showing.