Desktop shortcurts ignored

I updated to totalspaces 2 after updating to Mavericks – now, desktop shortcuts don’t work any longer – I’m trying to use CTRL-CMD-J, CTRL-CMD-N, CTRL-CMD-I to switch between three desktops. I can set them as hotkeys in the “layout” configuration but they are ignored.

it started working after a while.

Hmm, I wonder why they didn’t work at first. But good it was resolved.

I needed to restarted TS2 to get the hotkeys work in the first place.

Keyboard “hotkeys” are not working for me either. I just upgraded to Mavericks and TS2 and they stopped working. Restarting TS2 did not help. I’ve tried different variations of hotkeys to no avail.

The keyboard shortcuts (E.g., Opt+Shift+arrow) work, but I really need the 1 key switch to a particular desktop.

I am investigating a few reports of keyboard shortcuts not working. It may help me if you could send me your prefs plist file with your non-working shortcuts to