Desktop switching not working for Excel password prompt window


I have MS Excel 2011 assigned to a certain desktop, but TotalSpaces2 doesn’t switch for Excel’s password prompt window under certain conditions. When I open a password protected Excel file by double clicking it in the Finder on desktop 1…

It works fine and switches to my Excel desktop if:
-there is already another Excel workbook open or
-it’s the first time I launch the Excel application

It doesn’t switch desktops (but the menubar does switch to Excel) if
-Excel is already launched with no open documents

Even if I click on the Excel dock icon while still in desktop 1 and Excel is in it’s desktop with a password prompt window open, it still won’t switch desktops. I have to use the grid overview or some other desktop switching method.

This is on 10.9.




I think this system is not requesting a space change, and you will see this behaviour even when TotalSpaces is not running (so just using mission control).

If this is the case, I’m sorry to say there isn’t going to be very much we can do about this - if the system does not request a space change, then TotalSpaces has no way of knowing to change space.

Are you able to verify that it does / doesn’t happen when TotalSpaces is not running?

I’m sorry, I should’ve tested that out beforehand. You are correct - it behaves the same way without TS2 running. Thanks Stephen.