Dock doing weird things

I have this really weird problem.

The dock sometimes (seemingly quite randomly) just hides itself. I cannot get it back unless I go to the apple on the top left corner, select DOCK->HIDING ON, and then doing it again selecting DOCK->HIDING OFF. After doing this the dock reappears where it should be.

The other thing that sometimes happens is that every single icon on the dock become unresponsive and does not launch anything. Magnification of the dock icons works when parsing over them and the clicked icon highlights like it has been clicked, but nothing happens. The only way that I have found to get it working again is to hide the dock and then unhide the dock as in the previous paragraph.

I did some searching in the forums here and have found no solution so far.

Anybody have any suggestions or ideas?

Any and all help will be appreciated.



Hi Jason,

I haven’t seen this problem before, but I would say that the unresponsive dock (clicking on items doesn’t do anything) could possibly be because TotalSpaces believes that the overview grid is showing.

Which sounds like there could be some mis-communication between the Dock and TotalSpaces. Does activating the overview grid, and then exiting from it, fix the problem?

Is there anything in the log that looks useful after this has happened (messages from TotalSpaces or Dock itself)?