Does totalview work on MacOSX 10.8.5?

I just installed Mac 10.8.5 and my hot keys no longer work. Preferences shows them correctly, and I can move an app to a new window, both vertically and horizontally,by dragging. The TotalView icon does appear in the menu bar. The only thing I found wrong so far was that I can no longer move to a new window by using hot keys.

I tried reinstalling totalview, but this did not change things.

Having said that, I recently accidentally removed some files (I’m not sure which) and was unable to do a full Time Machine restoration of all the files outside the user area. The MacOSX update was my first reboot since this debacle. So this might possibly be the root cause. Still, I’d have thought that the reinstallation would have fixed things.

In any event, any assistance you could provide would be helpful.

There aren’t any known problems on 10.8.5.

Does the space number appear in the menu bar icon?
Have you tried resetting the hotkeys to different keys?
And does 3/4 finger swipe to change space work (when you turn it on in Transitions prefs)?