Dual mode new tab resize bug

I’ve noticed an annoying bug that occurs when I create a new tab (typically with CMD-T) immediately enable dual mode with CMD-U. If dual mode is enable before the new tab has finished drawing, the window area will flicker a bunch and the sidebar on both dual tabs will resize to take up about half the window width.

I can reproduce this bug reliably on OS X 10.8.5 and 10.9. I’ve observed this odd resizing behavior in versions of TotalFinder all the way back to 1.3 but I’ve finally figured out how to reproduce it in 1.5.2.

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Since Mavericks and TotalFinder 1.5.2 I also have this bug, i.e the sidebar on both dual tabs will resize to take up about half the window width, although I am not sure under exactly what conditions the bug shows up. This is very annoying and will hopfully be solved soon by the developer.

It turns out that the „Dual mode tab resize bug“ has more to it than I had noticed originally. Therefore I would like to add the following to my earlier description:

After having resized the side bars so that they do not take up half the size of each tab, the „Name“-column takes up about 80% of tap-window space on the the right side, when in „List View“-mode (name, date created, date modified, size, kind etc.). In addition to the „Name“-column only the narrow „Date Modified“-column is visible to the right. All other file detail columns are hidden under the right „Sidebar“ and cannot be scrolled horizontally to make them visible.

After having also resized the file detail columns in the right side tab-window (using „List View“-mode), to make more file detail columns visible, the file detail columns refuses to stay as resized and all jump back to the former layout, as soon as the focus is set to the left tab window. I.e.: It is impossible to make the resized file detail columns stick in the right side tab window and is also impossible to scroll horizontally in the right side tab window!

This, of course, greatly reduces the usefulness of TotalFinder and will hopefully be rectified soon by the developer. In the mean time I will have to stay with the bare Apple-Finder.

Thank you for your detailed descriptions. They are really key for me to reproduce those bad behaviours. I’m going to fix these issues next week. It is top in my priority list, because it really cripples dual mode under Mavericks.

I was able to reproduce the wide-sidebar bug. Thanks @JeremyAgost for repro case. I’m working on a fix now.

Also I fixed one related issue with dual mode under Mavericks: